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GainPeace offers various New Muslim services that provide social support, education and mentorship to new Muslims with of goal of a smooth integration within the wider Muslim community.  A few of the services we offer are:

  • ‘Welcome to Islam’ packages mailed out to new Muslims
  • Mentorship assistance
  • A two year program to structure better assistance to new Muslims
  • In-house and online classes

Reach out to us at to learn more and participate in it.

Download Resource Guide for New Muslims

Converts Survey

Dear New Muslim Sister/Brother,

We are conducting a survey to understand your needs and circumstances better, resulting in enhancing support for our new Muslim brothers and sisters, God-Willing. Based on the results of this survey, GainPeace will educate Islamic Centers of the various needs and challenges of Converts. This research will result in improved accommodation at Islamic Centers and by the larger Muslim Community for our New Muslim Convert brothers and sisters.

Click Here To Take Survey

Note: GainPeace has hosted its survey on website. You will be redirected to that website when you click on the button above.